The Digest 1st May 2022

What Does Gas Shut off Mean? – Air Traffic Dispute Averted/ Insult Church – Get 3 Year Jail Proposal/ Ukraine – Zelensky’s World/ 200 Tanks/ Ukraine24 Expands/ Warsaw – Fortifying Democracy/ Krakow – Ryanair Invests $800m/ TriCity – French To Buy Lech Gdansk?/ Wroclaw – German Drug Store Arrives/ International – Slovakian Airspace/ Hungary & Poland Split (Further) / Business & Economy – Expensive Easter/ Housing Gap/ Sport –Świątek To Play Open, Polish Symphony Chart Topper, Polish Ryanair Effect, Russians/Belarusians Feel The Polish Cold Shoulder and more… Continue reading The Digest 1st May 2022

The Digest 17th April 2022

Funding Radicals – Russian LPG Plan/ Radical Nationalist Funding/ Belarus Border/ Ukraine – How Poland Is Coping/ 60,000 Hired/ Warsaw – SpyVille/ Krakow – Way Of The Cross/ Lodz – Texas Comes To Town/ TriCity – Tall Ship Twinning/ International – Katyn Destruction Call/ Two Different Borders/ Business & Economy – Housing Shortfall/ Youngest Entrepreneur/ Sport – Volley Ball Championship, Hollywood Help, Krakow Monsters, Esperanto’s Polish Inventor and more… Continue reading The Digest 17th April 2022

The Digest 10th April 2022

Poland’s $ Billionaires – Smolensk Sirens, Schindlers “Little Girl In Red”/ Ukraine – Eur 10 Bln Raised, Roads Closed/ Warsaw – Mayor Requests Siren-Less City/ Krakow – LGBT Free County/ Wroclaw – Merc Batteries/ TriCity – Charity Soccer/ International – Kaczynski Slams Orban/ Business & Economy – 7 Polish Billionaires/ Sport – Legia v. Kiev Dynamo, F-35’s in Poland, Poland In A Colonial World Order, The Russian Genocide Handbook and more… Continue reading The Digest 10th April 2022