The Digest 21st March 2021

Further Lockdown Restrictions Threatened/ Further Restrictions May Follow Latest Lockdown/ Poland Records Highest Excess Deaths in EU/ Violence Against Women Convention/ Warsaw – Air Traffic Controllers Salary Strategy/ Krakow – Church Sexual Abuse Investigation/ Wroclaw – Google Cloud Central/ Tri-City – Exam Assistance/ Poznan – Who’s Watching You?/ International – EU Pandemic Fund/ Business & Economy – Inflation Fears/ Sport – WC Squad, Gold Order, An American in Poland, A Misunderstood Poland, Blasphemy Prosecutions and more… Continue reading The Digest 21st March 2021

The Digest 7th February 2021

Weather Alerts/ Holocaust Research in Peril/ Pandemic Population Decline/ Polish Books in English/ Warsaw – Protest Voices/ Krakow – Coronavirus Clean Air/ Rzeszow – Anti-LGBT Stance Has A Cost/ Tri-City – Nazi Secretary on Trial/ Lodz – Nazi City Plans/ International – Polish Diplomats Expelled/ Business & Economy – Biggest Gaming IPO Ever/ Sport – Aussie Open, Bambi Rescue, Allegro Vs. Amazon, Polish Gambling Industry and more… Continue reading The Digest 7th February 2021