The Digest 2nd May 2021

Compulsory Vaccines/ Democracy Decline/ Europa League Crowds/ Media Mayhem/ Warsaw – Pregnant Mummy/ Krakow – Auschwitz Families Protest/ Wroclaw – BA Launch/ Tri-City – Strippers, Booze & The 101st Airborne/ Olsztyn – Medieval Sword/ International – Post-Pandemic Europe/ Business & Economy – Apartment Sales Rocket/ Negotiating Tips/ Sport – A Pole in Pakistan, Biedronka Fined zl. 60 mln, Fall of the Commonwealth, Polish Population Imponderables and more… Continue reading The Digest 2nd May 2021

The Digest 25th April 2021

Fake Vaccines/ Pfizer Fakes/ Highest EU Mortality Rate/ Conflicting Climate Transitions/ Putin’s “Warsaw Pact” Piques – Warsaw – “Liberated” Photo’s/ Krakow – A Climate Quarter/ Wroclaw – Iconic Mystery Solved/ Tri-City – Then & Now/ Lodz – Local Boy Returns/ International – Russian Pushin’/ Business & Economy – WSE Celebrates 30 Years/ Higher Wages/ Sport – Euro 2020 Venue Changes, zl. 47 mio. Pirate Fine, New Taxes and more… Continue reading The Digest 25th April 2021

The Digest 21st March 2021

Further Lockdown Restrictions Threatened/ Further Restrictions May Follow Latest Lockdown/ Poland Records Highest Excess Deaths in EU/ Violence Against Women Convention/ Warsaw – Air Traffic Controllers Salary Strategy/ Krakow – Church Sexual Abuse Investigation/ Wroclaw – Google Cloud Central/ Tri-City – Exam Assistance/ Poznan – Who’s Watching You?/ International – EU Pandemic Fund/ Business & Economy – Inflation Fears/ Sport – WC Squad, Gold Order, An American in Poland, A Misunderstood Poland, Blasphemy Prosecutions and more… Continue reading The Digest 21st March 2021