The Digest 29th August 2021

Did You See “That” Wisla Goal? – EU-Poland in Hybrid War?/ Booster Vaccines Planned/ Belarus Border/ Afghan Evacuation Ends/ Warsaw – Free Speech Or Racism?/ Krakow – Wisla Goal Goes Global/ Tri-City – Is Gdansk An Expat Paradise?/ Wroclaw – Historic Palace Lists/ Torun – Balloon Cup/ Mazuria – Plague Remains Unearthed/ International – How Will Biden Respond to Media Law?/ Business & Economy – WSE Increases Local Investor Levels/ Sport – Legia Qualifies For Europa League, Flower Scented Asphalt, WWII Poland Invasion and more… Continue reading The Digest 29th August 2021

The Digest 2nd May 2021

Compulsory Vaccines/ Democracy Decline/ Europa League Crowds/ Media Mayhem/ Warsaw – Pregnant Mummy/ Krakow – Auschwitz Families Protest/ Wroclaw – BA Launch/ Tri-City – Strippers, Booze & The 101st Airborne/ Olsztyn – Medieval Sword/ International – Post-Pandemic Europe/ Business & Economy – Apartment Sales Rocket/ Negotiating Tips/ Sport – A Pole in Pakistan, Biedronka Fined zl. 60 mln, Fall of the Commonwealth, Polish Population Imponderables and more… Continue reading The Digest 2nd May 2021

The Digest 14th March 2021

Who Do Poles Prefer?/ British Variant Rampant/ Poles Preferred Nationalities/ Polish Freedom Index Drops Again/ Warsaw – New Bridge/ Krakow – Ghetto Liquidation Commemorated/ Lodz – “Still Life In Lodz” Review/ Wroclaw – Spyrosoft Soars/ Lublin – Police Hunt Gormless Grandad/ International – Poland Vs. EU / Business & Economy – Best Property Investment Cities & Netflix Drops In Popularity/ Sport – UFC Crown Retained, University Scam?, Private Medical Fundraising, Stasi/ Polish Spy Spats and more… Continue reading The Digest 14th March 2021