The Digest 1st May 2022

What Does Gas Shut off Mean? – Air Traffic Dispute Averted/ Insult Church – Get 3 Year Jail Proposal/ Ukraine – Zelensky’s World/ 200 Tanks/ Ukraine24 Expands/ Warsaw – Fortifying Democracy/ Krakow – Ryanair Invests $800m/ TriCity – French To Buy Lech Gdansk?/ Wroclaw – German Drug Store Arrives/ International – Slovakian Airspace/ Hungary & Poland Split (Further) / Business & Economy – Expensive Easter/ Housing Gap/ Sport –Świątek To Play Open, Polish Symphony Chart Topper, Polish Ryanair Effect, Russians/Belarusians Feel The Polish Cold Shoulder and more… Continue reading The Digest 1st May 2022

The Digest 27th March 2022

Presidential Pizza – Russian Spies And Embassy Fires/ Energy Embargo Support/President’s emergency landing/ Ukraine – Under One Roof/ Warsaw – President’s Visit Summarised/ Krakow – Hollywood Help/ Wroclaw – I See Nothing Review/ Poznan – Pyro Celebrations/ Lodz – Charity Concert/ TriCity – Media Freedom/ International – Pol-US Relations/ Pol-EU Relations/ Defecting Soldier Dead/ Business & Economy – Foreigners Dominate WSE/ Sport – Świątek #1, Presidential Pizza, Questions, The Complexities Of The Crisis and more… Continue reading The Digest 27th March 2022

The Digest 20th February 2022

The Ripples Of War – Refugee Preparations/ Energy Costs/ Pagasus Spyware Targets/ Poland’s EU Corruption Warning/ Warsaw – Population Decline/ City Investment Ranking/ Krakow – Crane Collapse/ Tri-City – Putin’s Fear/ Torun – Orban Gift Protested/ International – Energy Ripples Of War/ War Fear In Poland/ Business & Economy – Aggressive Rate Hikes To Continue/ Sport – Ireland Beat Poland/Olympic Coins Issued, The BigMac Index, Eurovision Candidate Chosen, Agnieszka Holland, The Feminine Suffix and more… Continue reading The Digest 20th February 2022