The Digest 24th April 2022

Grounding Airlines – Air Controller Dispute/ Democracy in The Dumps/ Mine Explosion/ Covid Vaccine Order Cancelled/ Telecoms Fined/ Ukraine – The West’s Failure/ Easter Return/ Warsaw – Embassy Threat/ Krakow – Laptop Giveaway/ Poznan – NATO Intervention/ Lublin – Movie Wrapped/ TriCity – Bomb Threat Forces Landing/ International – Poland & Hungary Split On Putin/ “Stop Russia Now” Campaign/ Business & Economy – IMF Reduces Forecast/ Sport – Messi V. Lewandowski, Dog Treasure, Would Poles Fight Like Ukrainians?, Slot Machine Preferences and more… Continue reading The Digest 24th April 2022

The Digest 17th April 2022

Funding Radicals – Russian LPG Plan/ Radical Nationalist Funding/ Belarus Border/ Ukraine – How Poland Is Coping/ 60,000 Hired/ Warsaw – SpyVille/ Krakow – Way Of The Cross/ Lodz – Texas Comes To Town/ TriCity – Tall Ship Twinning/ International – Katyn Destruction Call/ Two Different Borders/ Business & Economy – Housing Shortfall/ Youngest Entrepreneur/ Sport – Volley Ball Championship, Hollywood Help, Krakow Monsters, Esperanto’s Polish Inventor and more… Continue reading The Digest 17th April 2022

The Digest 6th March 2022

Hero’s All – Covid Quarantine Rules Relaxed/ Fighters Return/ Warsaw – UK PM Confronted/ Krakow – Tech Scene Expansion/ Poznan – Animal Convoy/ Wroclaw – Dumplings Weaponised/ Katowice – Kazakhstani Konvoy/ Lodz – Emissions Target/ International – Kyiv Ambassador Going Nowhere/ Business & Economy – Zloty Weakness/ Sport – Paralympics Medal Target, Russian TV Banned, No-Fly Zone, The Poet Who Loved Ukraine and more… National … Continue reading The Digest 6th March 2022