The Digest 13th March 2022

Reagan’s Soviet Jokes – Military Expansion Bill/ Coordinated Assistance Plan Sought/ 1.6 Million And Counting/ Saturation Point/ Warsaw – Building Destruction Halted/ Krakow – Jet2 Suspends Flights/ Poznan – What Is “Poznan’ed”?/ Wroclaw – Refugee Assault/ TriCity – Wind Port Changes/ International – Plane Diversions/ Mayor Shows Up Salvini/ Business & Economy – Anti-Inflation Shield Extended/ Sport – Poland Officially Beats Russia, Ronnie Reagan’s Soviet Jokes Revived, US Ambassador To Poland Speaks, Preparing For Defeat and more… Continue reading The Digest 13th March 2022

The Digest 6th March 2022

Hero’s All – Covid Quarantine Rules Relaxed/ Fighters Return/ Warsaw – UK PM Confronted/ Krakow – Tech Scene Expansion/ Poznan – Animal Convoy/ Wroclaw – Dumplings Weaponised/ Katowice – Kazakhstani Konvoy/ Lodz – Emissions Target/ International – Kyiv Ambassador Going Nowhere/ Business & Economy – Zloty Weakness/ Sport – Paralympics Medal Target, Russian TV Banned, No-Fly Zone, The Poet Who Loved Ukraine and more… National … Continue reading The Digest 6th March 2022

The Digest 7th March 2021

Going Nuclear/ Bus Tragedy/ Covid-19 Forecast/ Warsaw – Too Many Cars/ Tri-City – Poland’s First Nuclear Plant Announced/ Wroclaw – Earthquake Tremors/ Poznan – Four Wheels For Five Kids/ Lublin – European Capital Of Youth/ International – EU Judicial Ruling/ Business & Economy – Interest Rates On Hold & Unemployment Success/ Sport – Gold & Silver at Indoor Euro Games, Amazon v Allegro, Celebrating 300, Orlen – The Rise Of An Intriguing Insider and more… Continue reading The Digest 7th March 2021