TRAFFIC REGULATIONS CHANGE/ New Road Rules/ Further Easing’s Announced/ Vaccinating Children/ Warsaw – China Spy Ring Trial/ Krakow – Shooting Mental Health/ Wroclaw – Aquapark Re-Opens/ Lodz – Most Business Friendly CEE City/ International – “Portal” Appears, Deputy Speaker Speaks Stupidly/ Business & Economy – Economy Digest for May, Temporary Contracts/ Sport – Świątek Swings, Sexify Soars, Belarus is Back and more… Continue reading THE DIGEST 6th JUNE 2021

The Digest 23rd May 2021

Unsatisfied Expats/ Digital Vaccine Passports/ LGBT Calls/ Opposition Tailspin/ Nurses Strike/ Warsaw – Stadium Hospital Suspended/ Krakow – Renaming Railway Station/ Wroclaw – Covid Saliva Success/ Tri-City – Danish Fisherman Search/ Lodz – Coal Mine Blaze/ International – EU Orders Coal Closure/ Business & Economy – Wages & Employment Up/ Why IS Poland’s Economy So Strong?/ Sport – Euro 2020 Live Games, Bongo Antelopes, Polish Profanity, 15 Museums and more… Continue reading The Digest 23rd May 2021

The Digest 25th April 2021

Fake Vaccines/ Pfizer Fakes/ Highest EU Mortality Rate/ Conflicting Climate Transitions/ Putin’s “Warsaw Pact” Piques – Warsaw – “Liberated” Photo’s/ Krakow – A Climate Quarter/ Wroclaw – Iconic Mystery Solved/ Tri-City – Then & Now/ Lodz – Local Boy Returns/ International – Russian Pushin’/ Business & Economy – WSE Celebrates 30 Years/ Higher Wages/ Sport – Euro 2020 Venue Changes, zl. 47 mio. Pirate Fine, New Taxes and more… Continue reading The Digest 25th April 2021