The Digest – 23rd February 2020

Today the Shops are Closed  –

Jesus Wept/ Warsaw – Water WooHoo!!!/ Tri-City – I, Ibrahim/ Krakow – Au Revoir Tuchow/ Wroclaw – Cops for the Clink/ International – The New Germany?/ Sport – More Strikes than Solidarnosc/ A Loaded Mop, Tram Troubles, Events We Like and more …


“Biggest Trial Ever” of Accused Paedophile Priest begins – NotesFromPoland


Warsaw – Water,Water Everywhere – FirstNews

Tri-City –  The Curious Case of Ibrahim – TriCityNews

Krakow –  French Tell Tuchow “Au Revoir” over LGBT Stance – KafkaDesk

Wroclaw – Cops for the Clink – WroclawUncut


Could Poland’s Economy Match Germany’s? – DW

Sport – More Strikes than Solidarnosc – Lewandowsly Speaks – TheGuardian

Odds & EndsThe Mop is Mightier than the Gun – RadoGdansk (Video)

PodcastTram Stench and not the one you think – KrakowCast

Events We Like Open Mic Night – Stand-Up Comedy in English

Want more? See English Language Media in Poland for a list of recommended websites.

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Team Digest

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