The Digest – 26th January 2020

Today the Shops are OPEN

Auschwitz Anniversary/ Warsaw – Leader Elected/ TriCity – Settling Stress/ Krakow – Foggy Ryanair/ Wroclaw – Uber’ing under the influence/ Poznan – Easy Tiger, Record Foreigners, Ski-jumping, Game Giant, Crisis in Poland and more…


75 years after Auschwitz Liberation – NYTimes


Warsaw –  Opposition Leader Election – TheNews

TriCity –  Settling Stress – TriCityNews

Krakow – Fog & Ryanair, a marriage made in Krakow – RTE

Wroclaw –   Uber’ing under the Influence – WroclawUncut

PoznanEasy Tiger – BBC


Record Number of Foreigners in Poland – KafkaDesk

Sport –  Polish Triumphs at Ski-jumping World Cup  – TheNews

Odds & Ends

Poland Leading the Video Game revolution – TVN – Video


Crisis in Poland – The Economist Podcast

Have a great Sunday

Team Digest

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